Stephanie Black-Daniels - Mlitt - Performance

Image: Stephanie Black-Daniels, twofold, 2018, HD video (still)

Stephanie Black-Daniels can be spotted in the Tontine building throughout the Graduate Degree Show this September, propped up against a physical frame for a performance to camera. The work is a sculptural installation that draws together: film, sculpture, sound, performance and photography. It plays on sensual ways of seeing, the castration of the female voice in narrative cinema, and physicalizes the unconscious symbolic order of the framed-female protagonist.

With special thanks to the collaborators on twofold: 

Maeva Boche /// Cinematographer
Sam Smith, Green Door Studio /// Mastering

Video: Stephanie Black-Daniels, vestige, 2018, 5min Digital Video

Internationally premiered for Simply Beaming, EMBASSY gallery and Maruseppu Art Residency (MAR). A moving image showcase between Scotland and Japan.

Image: Stephanie Black-Daniels, Paired nipple drawing No.3, 2018 clay and tracing paper, Video still, HD camera

Full 8 min - available for screenings and exhibitions

Video: Stephanie Black-Danielsthe perfect death; falling on canvas in a theatrical style, 2018, 5 min 45 sec Digital Video (edit)

Full 90 min - available for screenings and exhibitions